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Beanie Boylston was born and raised in the heart of LA. She considers herself lucky to have grown up surrounded by creativity and inclusivity that she was able to witness and learn from from throughout her childhood. Beanie began modeling when she was a baby, making it something that has always been a part of her life. Growing up on sets opened her eyes to an entire creative world that she immediately knew was for her. She started off collecting, selling, and styling vintage clothing in high school, and while she continues to do that, her creative outlets have spread into pottery and DJing. Beanie's newest passion has become rollerskating after she was given custom “Beanie” painted roller skates for her birthday. She always asks herself if 12 year old Beanie would think 20 year old Beanie was cool, and she thinks she would. Beanie is grateful to have the passions and people she does in her life.

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